Basic Creative Contract Template

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A basic agreement & statement of work to help get you started with your client projects.

To get things started on the right foot with your client projects, it's great practice to have an agreement set up.

This way, everyone understands what's expected of them throughout the project, when these things are expected by and how everything will be processed.

It makes things a lot easier to work through and reduces the potential for beef & nonsense.

This standard template covers basic ground and can be easily adapted & edited to suit your needs.

Disclaimer: I am no solicitor, nor lawyer - this template is to serve as a guide only with full permission to use all words written.

This was the basis of the agreements I've used for 12 years of my creative career and it made for much smoother processes.

Feel free to have everything checked over by an actual solicitor if you wish.

Available in both .PDF & .DOC formats to best suit your software specs.

  • Basic Contract Template

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  • Basic Contract Template
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Basic Creative Contract Template

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